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Heather Lee Biography Photo Heather Lee Biography
Born: 10/31/1969
Aliases: Heater Lee, Maria Lee

Born: October 31, 1969 In Portland, Oregon
Height: 5 ft.
Weight: 112 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 34C now 36E
Waist: 22"
Hips: 33"

Heather, born amid a changing of the times with freedoms and liberties' reaching new places in this exciting icon of Latina - American's life that would be something to admire. Heather Lee is a light-skinned 'Latina Lladdro' who packs a now boasting measure of 36E-22-33 figure into a taut, 5' tall frame, 105 pound parcel of pure erotica. Heather Lee has changed her look completely from when she started, going from reddish hair to long black dreadlocks, enhancing her already monumental breasts, narrowing through a nose job, and adding a pierced tongue to augment her oral skills. She stands now as one of the sexiest women in porn.

Heather Lee's deliciously well pumped butt and hunger for for anal sex have resulted in her fair share of back-door bump and grind action. Without a doubt Heather heeds the Latina calling that producers turn to for a distinctively physical and al out action filled presentation. Heather Lee is a 'smokin' hot timelessly adoring Latina figure who is even hotter when the lights go down and the clothes come off.

There was no preference to production style or set favor, Miss Lee structured herself early on to a strict discipline which would produce well over 200 scenes of dynamo productions. Thriving resolve put Heather is a true celebrity in our eyes and can earn many a boners from fans abroad. Heather Lee broke into the erotic ranks with a few pro-am tapes in 1993. These films include 'New Ends 5,' 'Video Virgins 6,' and 'Mr. Peepers Amateur Home Videos 76,' any of which shows off a prime porn piece at the commencement of a mouth-watering career.

Since then, Heather Lee has established herself as a spicy and exotic sexual extravagance who will take on any man or woman thrown at her, singly or in groups. Heather freely and devotedly put her talents to performance production and pleasure. To no surprise her petite portable physique and finely crafted features of Latina excite are a true sight for a wanting fans and costars alike.

From her first days her pursuit to satisfaction and adult film celebrity, Heather takes on never-ending acts of changeable forms of sexual amuse, no matter the role, no matter the endeavor or exploit Heather turns out her act flamboyantly.

Her admiringly amorous curves tell a tale of a polished yet dominant build of pleasure possessed Tits and Ass and expertise for excellence. Often touted as a similar sighting or look alike to now famous Eva Longoria, The difference is abound with one fine distinction of all out action and passion for the pleasin'. This finely bronzed beauty takes on a true pleasure for the well endowed male costars with no holding back in dominating the male members star body part. Interracially starring in many films over the past years, she truly compliments a fine contrast to any pairing.

You can't duplicate the presence of Heather Lee when she stars in a hardcore video. She's got a handful of tattoos, pumped up breasts, pierce points galore, along with inviting eyes that will turn most men to mush. Heather has turned her looks entirely inside out, from girl next door to rough and tumble girl of the wild western porn scene that have made her one of the most unique acts of sexual perfection of late. You won't see her on many video box covers, starring in major productions or given much acting to do. Heather is a sex performer first and has a particular interest in having sex performer first and has a particular interest in having sex with black men. That's not to say she doesn't turn down a white dick, pussy or just about any type and style of sex partner.

Heather shows no aversion to the vocation she chose and it shows. She remarked of some of her recent shots to being reminded of just how much she likes and enjoys the work she does. Heather proclaims a new found "readiness" to pump out the scenes, this not so natural big boobed babe is a true legend amongst many.

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